Senior Transitions Client Testimonials

Dear potential down-sizers,

I was introduced to Karen Wright of Life Simplified during a meeting that started my move to a retirement community in Huntsville.  I’d been entertaining the idea for years, but what got me off dead center was a statement at the end of the meeting:  “If you think this is a daunting challenge, imagine waiting ten years!”  I had just turned 70, and the prospect of downsizing at age 80 was indeed frightening.” I had been living in the same 4000 square-foot house for 32 years, and was an avid hobbyist and collector of all sorts of things – the place was stuffed to the gills. I’d been trying to maintain my home by myself for almost 20 years, and by now it was clearly too much for me to handle alone.  It was also obvious that even with my sons’ help, I would need both the experience and the hands of a professional to decide what to unload, and to accomplish the move into 1400 sqft, especially with the deadline that I ended up facing.

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I am so glad to have met Karen when I did, and hired her from the start.  She “hit the ground running” on my specific situation, working with me to establish daily schedules and goals, and adjusting these as needed.  She skillfully steered me through tough decisions and coordinated with my family and with vendors to accomplish the downsizing, packing and move on time smoothly.  The moving company said that mine was the most well-organized job they had seen!

For pre- and post-move tasks, Karen also recommended vendors who could accomplish the repairs and cleaning that I needed to put my home in shape for sale.

Karen’s attitude has always been friendly, professional, positive and helpful.  I would not hesitate to recommend her highly to anyone who needs help organizing any aspect of life, from a small remodel to an enormous move.

Hank L.


My brother, who had lived with my mom in Huntsville area for over 15 years, became hospitalized with a severe illness, and so I traveled to Huntsville to help my mom sort out various family matters while she stayed with my brother in the hospital. I hadn’t seen her home for several years, and upon my arrival, I discovered that my brother had amassed a huge amount of random junk, electronics, “collectables” of some marginal value, an array mostly unused personal items, and several hundred pounds of bulk, canned and boxed food.  His hoarded goods were strewn throughout the two floors of a 2,500 square foot home, making many rooms impossible to access and filling several rooms to the ceiling. The house was simply unlivable! So, my first major order of business was to clean out my mom’s house in preparation for when brother came home from the hospital and would require extensive home care.  After tackling the house for almost a month myself, I had barely made a dent in the piles, and I realized I need professional help. Then, one evening I received a reference for Karen Wright and her company, Life Simplified.  This proved to be my saving moment!!

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I contacted Karen and explained the situation, including the urgency to make the house livable again for whenever my brother might be released.  All I knew is that it could have been days or weeks.  She immediately arranged a meeting at my mother’s house, quickly assessed the challenge, and sent me a very reasonable estimate that same evening.  She also gave me some insight and information on local hospice care and assisted living when and if the need arose for my brother and mother. After I said “go”, Karen didn’t waste a second and immediately scheduled two of her superstar team members, Shandra and Stephanie, to begin assaulting the mess. I can’t compliment enough how exceptionally professional, efficient, and friendly these two were.  I quickly began referring to them as the Dynamic Duo!!

I had total confidence in Karen and her superstar team after seeing them in action, and I realized my best role was to be a bystander as they rapidly sorted the landfill of junk and goods into neatly organized boxes containing anything of value along with collections of junk for disposal.  Karen and the Dynamic Duo plowed ahead with their expertise and enthusiasm to resurrect a home from the ashes of chaos.  Because my mother was planning to sale the house at some point, Karen also arranged with a local company, Loose Ends by MJ, to have the majority of my brother’s things removed and sold at a local estate sale…leaving only the furniture, kitchen items, and other life essentials in the house.  As I now had come to expect, the removal and estate sale went extremely smoothly because of the Life Simplified team’s upfront coordination and preparation!

Unfortunately, my brother came home for only one day of hospice care before passing. At this point, my mom decided she wanted to sell the house as quickly as possible and move into a more manageable apartment. Without a moment’s hesitation, I contacted Karen and asked her to have Shandra and Stephanie return to finish packing and preparing the house…including downsizing of the furniture and living essentials my mom would need in an apartment. I wasn’t able to stay on Huntsville for this part of the project, but the Dynamic Duo came in with their ever-present smiles to help my mom sort out what she wanted to keep.  They then packed everything to be either sold or moved to the new apartment, organized the movers, and then did a fantastic job of setting up the apartment for my mom.  And mom’s house sold in less than a month, giving her much needed financial security.

So, in only a few weeks, Karen and her Life Simplified team transformed my mom’s life of chaos and insecurity to a comfortable life in a thriving new community in Huntsville.  I have to say from a personal standpoint is that having their professional support and sparkling personalities made the whole ordeal so much easier for me…from an emotional standpoint as much as getting the house in shape.

Thank you Karen, Shandra and Stephanie…the real Marvel heroes!!!



This is a commendation for Life Simplified. They expertly handled a very complicated move from our home of 42 years in Covenant Subdivision to our new home in Magnolia Trace. It was a complicated move driven by a three week time interval between the move out-date in Covenant to the move-in date at Magnolia Trace. It involved a transitional move into a storage facility for about three weeks until the new homesite was available. Life Simplified managed the move for us and protected our valuables expertly into boxes for the transition. Their handling of this aspect of our move reduced our stress and greatly simplified the transfer of our valuables to their new location.

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Life Simplified was absolutely magnificent in their handling of this complicated move. Their personnel were responsible and competent. Their handling of our positions was as if they were their own. Their overseeing of the move to interim storage was expertly managed and the delivery to our new location was handled on time and without incident. Their charges were reasonable and their personnel were a pleasure.

I can, without reservation, recommend Life Simplified to anyone needing services of a competent and caring agent for packing and managing a move. We are well satisfied customers.

Yours truly,
Henry Everitt


After a number of life changes, empty nest, traveling, deaths in my family, I needed help getting my life and home back in order.

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Karen has been an encouraging and positive leader.  She is hands-on and has given many tips to help me regain the order I once maintained in my home.  She gives me direction to keep me focused between sessions so I can keep making progress and become more organized every day.

Getting My Life Back
Decatur, AL